Bonus Material–ToodleDo Task List

ToodleDo Priority Definitions

SOC: Significant Outcomes

These are big payoff projects—not just tasks—with Significant Outcomes. They get filed with the SOC: prefix. As an example, SOC: Staff up for Summer Season or SOC: Complete all ticket setup for the summer lineup

REVIEW: Everyday-keep focused and build your Opportunity Now tasks and Critical Now items from here!

Critical Now

These are items that are absolutely due today. These items are things that you would stay up until midnight to get done-they’re that important! Sometimes, I will add a prefix to these in order to clearly designate their importance.

BY 4 PM: Finalize the terms of the 'big zoo deal'

REVIEW: Daily, every hour or so until today’s tasks are completed.

Opportunity Now

These are items that are due in the next 2-10 days. If you have the chance or opportunity, these are the next most-important set of items to work on.

Continue working on my book or Write all of my April 'Monday Morning with Marty' blogs by April 12.

REVIEW: A few times daily; move items to Critical Now if they are due today.

These are tasks that are, simply put, just not that urgent—they can wait quite a while, even beyond ten days. If you know they can wait, put items on this list. 

REVIEW: Once a week, moving items that you want to focus on within the next 10 days up to your Opportunity Now or Critical Now list.

You must review your ToodleDo list daily.