Small, Bite-Size Pieces

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Why it is best to not display all pricing options at once Our guests can get overwhelmed if they are presented with too much information, too quickly. Presenting all your pricing options for all products above General Admission at once can easily backfire. Faced with so many options, and unsure of what would be best, the guest becomes overwhelmed and shuts down – “Can I just do General Admission?” is the frequent response to this inundation of information. It is human nature to prefer that information be kept simple. This does not mean that you must keep your product lineup overly simplified. Complex product lineups can be very powerful. It […]

Hasta La Vista, Baby! Why you must terminate your Kiosks today.

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Hasta La Vista, Baby! Why you must terminate your Kiosks today. “No fate but what we make” – Kyle Reese, Terminator 2: Judgement Day Kiosks are the ruin of an effective front gate. They process only the most basic of transactions, they fail to maximize revenue, and as a result they leave a tremendous amount of money on the table. Even the best, most intuitively-designed kiosk can never hold a candle to the effectiveness of an engaged and well-trained Sales Associate. The reason for this goes to the heart – quite literally – of what it means to be human. As humans, we care, we love, we commit…in other words, […]