Data Analytics

Finally A Data Analytics Solution that Brings Reports to Live!

Most ticketing systems promise powerful reports that will help you to manage your business. What they deliver is completely the opposite. They provide a series of pre-programmed, one-dimensional reports that fail to meet your most basic business needs. They don’t track business trends or allow you to drill further into the data. Without additional work, your marketing team is unable to automate even the most basic marketing functions. Your Data Analytics should do much more.

Introducing Over-Vue, by  New-Vue Solutions and Operation: Pineapple. Over-Vue is a powerful dashboard solution that is quickly redefining the nature of point of sale and CRM reporting. With a fully-customizable, intuitive dashboard interface, Over-Vue presents data intuitively. The Over-Vue dashboard highlights your most compelling KPIs and allows you to immediately drill down and get more. Over-View solution is built on the backbone of Microsoft Business Intelligence and communicates across multiple platforms including iOS and Android.