Putting the Tickets in Their Hands

What is there more kindly than the feeling between host and guest?”- Aeschylus

I love Broadway musicals! The Grand Finale number is frequently a high value affair that ends the show with a last, memorable tune that tends to stick in your brain like taffy to your fingers on a warm summer day. It is the final note that typically leaves you in a great, high-flying mood as you leave the theater. When you think about the last moments of a Five Star sales interaction between your team and guests, shouldn’t the arriving guests walk away from the ticket area feeling the same way?

A Five Star sales interaction starts with a warm and friendly greeting. The Sales Associate makes a great first impression and builds trust as they connect with their guest and determine their needs, wants, and expectations. A Five Star Sales Associates’ focus is on matching each and every one of their guests with a richer experience.

When the transaction is ready to move from selection to payment, the Five Star Sales Associate ends the transaction in the same way they began, and they Close With Class. Accuracy is the most important of Closing With Class because if a mistake is the last thing to occur in the ticket transaction, it may be the only thing the guest remembers. Also, it is good guest service to be accurate.

Here are a few general tips to ensure that ticket orders are always processed accurately:

  • Accurate Order Entry – When entering the ticket orders into their computer, Five Star Sales Associates repeat the order to the guest line by line to ensure accuracy. This process serves as a double check for both the associate and the guest in front of them. But this only works if the guest is engaged. So…
  • Engage the guest – Eye contact between the Sales Associate and the guest is an important part of every interaction and this is especially true at the end. If the guest is disengaged it opens the associate up to the possibility of problems including overcharging and buyer’s remorse. Just because the Sales Associate is engaged, that doesn’t mean the guest is. Eye contact between the guest and Associate keeps the guest engaged, helps reduce errors, and makes it easier to quickly move to…
  • Share the transaction total – Once they have confirmed that the order is correct, the Sales Associate again needs to ensure eye contact as they share to total cost of the sale. This includes the ticket prices and the taxes and any other fees (which the Associate is always prepared to explain with confidence). As in the previous step, maintaining eye contact helps to ensure that the guest heard, and understands the total amount due. Next is…
  • Processing the Payment – Once the amount due has been established, the Five Star Sales Associate will use an assumptive close and politely ask “Will that be Cash, Credit Card, or Hotel Room Folio?” (because asking “How will you be paying” just doesn’t sound classy). When the guest provides the payment the Sales Associate processes the transaction with full transparency: if the payment was cash, they need to count back the change (i.e. Out of $50 your change is $3 and 48 cents), if it was by credit card they need to ensure that the card (which should never have left the guests’ sight) is returned and that they have the signed credit card slip. Once this has been completed, it is time for the final step…
  • Put the tickets in the guests’ hand – BUT, the Sales Associate needs to do a final review of their workstation before handing the tickets to the guest to ensure all steps have been completed. They need to ensure:
    • The Charge slip was signed by the guest
    • The guest received their copy of the transaction receipt
    • If a finance contract was signed (perhaps for an annual pass) did the guest sign a copy? And did they receive the correct copy?
    • If a Voucher was presented, does the Sales Associate have it?
    • Once this check has been completed, the Sales Associate is ready to put the finishing touch on their Five Star Interaction – they place the tickets in the guests’ hand. This is a classy touch that is like the cheery on the top of a sundae. It is the last physical act in the transaction; the Grand Finale…now it is time to hit the final note by…
  • Say “Thank You” – Saying thank you means so much in any transaction. It is the last, most personal phrase a Sales Associate can use; especially when the use the guests’ name “Melea, it was a pleasure. Here are your tickets. Thank you for visiting. Have a great day!”.
  • Closing with Class if the finishing touch on a Five Star Sales Interaction. It sends the guests into your facility with a great first impression. They are setup for success, and they have the tickets that will allow them to make the most of their visit. The guests positive first impression got them in a positive frame of mind for their visit; and the act of “Putting the tickets in their hand” along with a personal farewell, will be one memorable part of an amazing day!

Have a great week,