operational excellence

Providing a great Guest Experience goes hand-in-hand with operational excellence. Whether you are a zoo, aquarium, museum, theme park, or attraction, your visitors likely judge you on your ability to execute operationally. Our 75 years of combined professional experience is ready to serve you.

Here are a few of our specialty offerings:

Leadership Training.

The best leadership training programs set the standard and teach the skills that leaders need to be successful.  Many new leaders bring their fresh perspective, curiosity, and passion to the table, and yet many organizations fail to develop these valuable talents. Training programs should celebrate these things but instead, they often reject them and attempt to drum these individuals out of their roles.

Our leadership training program is different. While we set standards and teach skills, we also recognize individual strengths and help leaders to develop them. We find 'right-fit' positions for these individuals so they can be most effective within the organization. We train people for who they can be--not for who some think they should be.

Labor Optimization.

We understand the careful balance leaders must navigate between labor and the Guest Experience. It's not an easy choice. Both issues are critical to operational excellence. On one hand, leaders don’t like being short-staffed because doing so negatively impacts the Guest Experience. On the other hand, leaders know they must meet budget and keep labor costs low. It doesn’t have to be a ‘one or the other’ choice. We know how to navigate these challenges and can help you to harness the power of operational excellence to accomplish both.

Where Others Just Talk, We Execute...

(operationally, that is)

The best laid plans mean nothing without proper execution. Many consultants begin with good intentions. They have some good ideas, yet when it comes time to execute, they fail. As a result, the operation ends up suffering. We clearly understand how ideas must translate from concept to an intelligent operational plan.

We can implement a detailed and precise operational plan for your special event, attraction opening, or promotion. Our experience in the industry gives us an unparalleled ability to act and to execute effectively.