Get Over It! How to Overcome Objections and Make the Sale!

Step Nine of Ten Steps to Controlling the Sales Dialogue

In April, I began sharing Ten Steps to Controlling the Sales Dialogue, a white paper which will be posted on very soon.  Today, I am proud to share Step 9--Overcome Objections.

When guests say yes to the product being pitched, there is no need to overcome objections. It is only when the guest says no to the product being presented that Seller should probe for the reasons behind the objection. Guests object for one of three reasons:

TIME - I don't have enough time to participate, enjoy, or use what is being recommended

PRICE - It's too expensive; can't afford it

VALUE - I won't use it because it's not meaningful to me

The reason for the Guest's objection isn't always rooted in real facts--sometimes they object for emotional reasons or because of a misunderstanding of the facts.  The Sellers job is to probe, asking questions and seeking to understand why an objection has been raised. Great sales people overcome objection by validating the guest’s concern and  searching for a resolution that puts the guest at ease. Sellers can validate the Guest’s concerns with statements like "I can definitely understand why you would think that, however…" and then clarify the project's value, benefits, and inclusions. In searching for a resolution, Sellers often shift their focus to a different product that better aligns with their Guest's needs. "Because you've got time limitations, this is going to be the better ticket for you. You'll be able to maximize your enjoyment in the short time that you have with us."


 "One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity."

--Albert Schweitzer