Show You’ve Listened… Then, Recommend the Best Product!

Part Four of Ten Steps to Controlling the Sales Dialogue

Last month, I began sharing Ten Steps to Controlling the Sales Dialogue, a white paper which will be posted on Operation: Pineapple later this month.  Today, I am proud to share Steps 5 & 6:

5. Show You've Listened
When I go out to eat, I am fairly conscious about what I order. I try to avoid simple sugars, carbs, and starches which means that I stay away from White bread, french fries, and other items that sink a healthy metabolism. When I order a sandwich at a fast food restaurant, for example, i'm very particular about asking for grilled chicken breasts on a whole wheat bun. It always irks me a little bit that after being so particular with what I've ordered, order takers are rarely intuitive enough to suggest an upsell that I might actually agreed to. For example, if they asked if I wanted to add fruit to my sandwich rather than french fries, I might actually say yes.  Whether it's because they fail to truly listen or, because they simply aren't trained in the art of what to listen for, those fast food order takers miss the boat entirely. Showing you've listened makes all the difference in great sales.

In order to build rapport and establish a foundation of trust, Sellers should use the information that they have collected including the guest's first name, where they are visiting from, and what they are excited about seeing to build trust and establish a relationship. Sellers might say something like "Marty, you mentioned that the topsy-turvy coaster is your favorite ride here. I have to tell you, that one is my personal favorite too! We have a special pass that I can set up for you now. It will give you front of the line access for that ride." Showing that you've listened builds trust and strengthens relationships between people.

6. Recommend the Best Product
When Ticket Sellers have truly listened, they have the information they need to recommend products that are best suited for the guest in front of them. Collecting the right information, matching that information to the right product, and presenting the product with confidence and enthusiasm is the winning formula. "Because you are going to be in town for the next two days, I recommend our 2 day pass."

Personal endorsements seal the deal. There's nothing better than a Seller's enthusiastic endorsement but that means that Sellers need participate in the experiences. They need to be allowed to bring their families and to enjoy the facility on their own. Having the knowledge will allow them to make statements like this one: "I brought my family to see that IMAX just last week. It was so amazing and my children loved it too! I think your family will really like it too..."

Next week: Step Seven: Share the Value & the Benefit and Step Eight: Assumptive Close

"If you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing hold you up in your work."


--Dale Carnegie