Asked…& Answered!

Two weeks ago, I began sharing Ten Steps to Controlling the Sales Dialogue, a white paper which will be posted on Operation: Pineapple later this month.  Today, I am proud to share Steps 3 & 4:
3. Ask for Their Name--Then Use It
Sellers should always exchange names with their guest. This is not only great guest service but it establishes trust between Seller and their Arriving Guest. Trust is crucial to building relationships with anyone.  
As we discussed in Step Two, it is important to be the first to speak.  One way of doing this is to immediately introduce yourself as the guest approaches the Seller.  For example, "Hi, my name is Marty! What's your name?" From time to time, guests will even introduced the other members within their party. Exchanging names with Arriving Guests is a great way to build rapport and to get on a first name basis.
4. Ask Qualifying Questions
There are specific questions that Sellers ask in order to guide the sales flow and keep control of the dialogue. During the Investigative portion of the sales flow, Sellers ask a series of F-A-S-T questions that are focused on identifying specific information:
First Time Here -> leads to offering more extensive/higher end products first in order to build a great first impression
Arriving From -> leads Seller to understanding whether to offer Day Pass or Annual Pass
See (What do you want to See?) -> leads to offering products that the guest is excited about doing
Time at Facility (or Time in Town) -> leads to offering products with longer investment of time (more hours/more days)
Making eye contact and responding either verbally or with facial expressions to what the guest shares demonstrates to the guest that the Seller has truly been paying attention.
Next week: Step Five: Show You've Listened & Step Six: Recommend the Best Experience. 
Have a great week!

"Getting to know someone involves curiosity about where they have come from, who they are."

--Penelope Lively