Be the First to Speak

PART TWO – Ten Steps to Controlling the Sales Dialogue

Last week, I began sharing Ten Steps to Controlling the Sales Dialogue, a white paper which will be posted on Operation: Pineapple later this month. Today, I am proud to share Steps 2:

Be the First to Speak. When Sellers are the first to speak, it affords them the opportunity to identify the guest's specific needs and to then recommend a specific product. By speaking first, Sellers are able to pause the Arriving Guest’s normal decision-making process in favor of considering other options (richer experiences that lead to higher levels of guest satisfaction). When Sellers fail to speak first, that means the guest does…which typically leads to the guests asking for your most basic general admission product. Sellers who fail to speak first or to regain control of the dialogue quickly miss the opportunity to connect on value and to generate higher levels of guest happiness. Everyone receives less and everyone loses--the Seller, the facility, and the guest.

Sellers can reclaim the conversation even when they are not the first to speak. Oftentimes, Sellers become distracted as the guest approaches the ticket counter which allows the guest to seize control of the conversation. When guest is the first to speak, it often sounds like this: "I need 2 adults, 3 children for the General Admission ticket.” (Not the direction you want the sale to go.) Sellers can quickly get the dialogue back on track by responding with "Yes! I can do that. Let me ask you a couple of questions first..." Then the Seller continues with the normal flow of sales dialogue.

In the event that the Seller is still finishing up their paperwork from a previous transaction, the Seller must be attentive enough to take note as the next guest approaches the counter. The Seller should "pause" the conversation with "Hi Mam/Sir, I am finishing up with the previous transaction. I'll be with you in just a moment!" This gives the Seller the time to finish up and to begin the conversation with the new guest when they are ready.

Controlling the Sales Dialogue throughout the transaction begins with speaking first.

Next week: Step Three: Ask for Their Name--Then Use It & Step Four: Ask Qualifying Questions

Have a great week!

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