Technology: Top Five Technology Takeaways from IAAPA 2016

IAAPA 2016 is in the books and this year's expo broke all kinds of records. It was the largest in the show's 98-year history. The show's attendance rose 7% and the show floor expanded by 3.5%. It was a tremendous show and, over the next few weeks, I will share some of what I saw that has particular impact on our point of sale and front gate operations. Today, I am proud to share my Top 5 Technology Takeaways:

Digonex is the king of dynamic pricing within the entertainment and attractions industry. First implemented at the Indianapolis Zoo, Digonex technology helps attractions to manage attendance in ways that ensure a richer and more meaningful guest experience. Mike Crowther, President & CEO of Indianapolis Zoo explains that that they have "seen an increase in weekday attendance and a manageable number of visitors on the weekends, all while exceeding our admissions revenue per capita goals." Digonex technology is a comprehensive way to set and maintain dynamic pricing for a multitude of products. Click to Learn More.

Enplug's digital display controller hardware and software platform allows you to seamlessly and intuitively manage multiple video displays at once--anywhere from within your facility. With Enplug's software platform, you can upload and schedule images and videos from one to many Enplug displays using one interface. You can drag and drop to re-order, or set how long each image plays. Enplug's platform is cloud-based but each display's hardware can run entirely independent of the cloud. Click to Learn More.

Jolt. I'm a huge proponent of accountability checklists because checklists help to ensure quality and consistency in any operation. Jolt takes checklists to the next level. With their comprehensive, web-based solutions, Jolt brings those traditional checklists into the 21st century with document storage, email/text notifications, and even conditional checklists. Click to Learn More.

Accesso Technology Group. Last week on the tradeshow floor, Steve Brown, President and CEO of Accesso Technology Group, launched Prism, a revolutionary new piece of wearable technology that will transform the in-park experience. "The Disney Magic Band is a great product and it really raised the bar in terms of what theme park guests expect when they visit," explains Brown. The one-size-fits-all wristband has a multiline touchscreen display which gives park-goers access to an array of features including virtual queuing, payments, messaging, photography, and access control. Click to Learn More.

When I Work. I don't like repetitive processes. For years, I prepared my staff schedule using a template that I created with Microsoft Excel. Each week, I would roll out my schedule, making adjustments for new availability, requests for days off, and changes in staffing levels-but it was still time consuming. In today's day and age, employees want easy access to check the latest schedule from their smartphone, to make schedule requests, and even to trade shifts with co-workers. When I Work is a cloud-based solution that satisfies each of these needs and many more. Click to Learn More.

Next week--Point of Sale technology.

Have a great week!

"The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do."

--B.F. Skinner