HURRICANE MATTHEW: Weathering the Storm

Hurricane Matthew: Weathering the Storm

Wow! What an intense week it has been for the Southeastern United States. With the passing threat of a Category 3 hurricane looming, we have all experienced a range of emotions from worry and nervousness to relief and thankfulness. Here in Central Florida, many counties invoked a mandatory curfew that required most everyone to remain indoors and to shelter in place. We did not leave our house once for over 24 hours!

When the storm came, it brought with it some powerful gusts of wind and a few periods of significant rainfall. My family and I waited through the storm at our home which is just below Walt Disney World. Everyone did well and as the storm passed us early Friday morning, we held our breath and alternated between listening to the wind and rain falling outside and The Weather Channel for their awesome coverage of the event.

In a rare move, all of the area theme parks including Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort shut their gates completely on Friday. Hotel guests were also instructed to shelter in place at the resort hotels. Could you just imagine being on vacation when a major hurricane strikes? Talk about an unexpected event.

This was an experience that many of us will not soon forget.

Have a great week!

"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship."

--Louisa May Alcott