One Stop Shopping: Eliminate Hassles and Create Raving Fans

One Stop Shopping Eliminate Hassles and Create Raving Fans

Please hold while I transfer you...

I'm not able to do that for you...

If you want to buy that, you'll need to go over there...

Hassles. Inconvenience. The runaround. It's the kind of experience that frustrates, drives a wedge, and almost certainly guarantees that our guests will not return. I have been teaching hospitality teams the basics of providing exceptional Guest Service for nearly 25 years and one of the key elements of my curriculum is One Stop Shopping, or the idea of taking ownership to address guest issues and needs. Whenever I speak on the subject, I share the following definition:

When a guest presents you with a question or problem, you must own that question or problem until it's answered or solved.

If you don't know the answer-you find out.

Never pass the buck!

One Stop Shopping is a proven way of streamlining the operation, instilling more and more knowledge in our team, and generating Raving Fans who return to us time and time again. That said, I continue to take note of many institutions and attractions where we have unintentionally created physical barriers and departmental structures that run counter to the concept of One Stop Shopping. By segregating our front gate operation, training our staff to only service one particular line of our business at a time, and selecting technology that supports this division of duties, we fall short of providing great service and fail to create Raving Fans.

For One Stop Shopping to be successful, leaders must think differently about the way in which services are provided. Rather than selling memberships in one segregated location, train everyone to sell membership in all locations. Rather than selecting two district front gate systems--CRM for membership/POS for ticketing--select one that does it all. Above all, teach your team the skills to sell it all no matter where at your front gate they work. The more we can offer, the more opportunity exists for guests to say YES! That's how One Stop Shopping gets done. That's how we earn our Raving Fans.

Have a great week!

"An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success."

--Stephen Covey