Awesome Actions – Talk with your hands and sell more!


Last Monday, I wrote about the power of Winning Words. When delivered effectively, the right combination of words, inflection, and vocal tone have the ability to emotionally connect arriving guests with your institution's most fantastic experiences, interactions, and activities. Winning Words are incredibly powerful but there is one more ingredient--Awesome Actions--that completes the formula for producing the most effective, profitable, and connecting pitches at any institution, attraction, or other point of sale box office. Awesome Actions bring it home and are essential to a well-delivered pitch. Below are three stages within the sales dialogue where Awesome Actions can supercharge your sellers' words and take them to the next sales level:

Greeting the Guest. First impressions are everything. Making the right first impression goes far beyond a warm greeting. The way in which sellers position themselves, focus on their guests, and maintain eye contact is of paramount importance. When sellers lean, guests tend to see them as lazy, bored, and uninterested. Shuffling papers and tending to office operations rather than focusing on arriving guests and their engagement. When sellers appear polished, focused, and attentive, it sends the right message to arriving guests--you are focused on me.

Describing the Product. Guests say YES when they have been properly engaged in the dialogue. Sellers can best engage guests into the dialogue when they both hear the message and see reinforcing body language (i.e. a smile, a head nod, or appropriate hand gesturing). This is because when we process information, we are more receptive to and thus retain more information when we both hear it and see it. For example, what if a seller wanted to describe an experience as over-the-top amazing. To do this, the seller could put both hands in front of their face, all of their fingers touching one another. When they say the word--amazing-they move their hands outward as they spread their fingers apart so that it looks like they are simulating an explosion or a starburst. By describing the experience as amazing along with using this hand gesture, our Winning Words become even more powerful.

Making an Assumptive Close. Once the seller has shared a couple of thoughts as to why a particular experience or opportunity is right for the guest, they move on to the assumptive close. An assumptive close isn't a question (i.e. did you want to do that?). No, an assumptive close assumes YES. As an example, imagine that the seller is pitching the All Access Pass which includes everyting at your facility. When it's time for the assumptive close, the seller confidently states, "Let's go ahead and get this pass set up for you and each member of your family. You're going to love it!" Leaning in, making eye contact, and communicating "Let's do this!" aligns both the seller's words and actions into one, powerful message.

Overcoming Objections. Recovering from NO is one of the most difficult things that a seller can do. But as an effective seller, it's important not to accept NO without understanding the reasons behind it. Guests object based on one of three reasons--TIME, PRICE, and VALUE. Sometimes, these objections are legitimate but other times, objections are soft and, with the right argument, easy to overcome.

A skilled seller can separate fact from fiction, adjust their pitch, and reposition the product in a better light. Overcoming the objection begins with understanding where the guest is coming from. The best sellers nod their heads affirmatively as they summarize the guest's concern. For example, I understand that you don't think you'll have enough time today. However, the zoo is open three hours later today which should allow you ample to experience most exhibits. Overcoming Objections requires a keen ability of the seller to listen and problem.

Awesome Actions are the icing on the cake. They are visual cues, either positive or negative, that tend to reinforce or dissuade arriving guests from participating in MORE of what you are offering. When we effectively use our Winning Words coupled with our Awesome Actions, we drive revenue, grow guest satisfaction, and take our operation to higher--and more profitable--level.

Have a great week!

"Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind."

- Theodore Roosevelt