The Power in Coming Together

The Power in Coming Together

Why the Best Solutions Are Found When We Unite

This morning, I'd like to talk about the damage that physical and operational barriers have on an institution's ability to prosper. (You'll remember in the past, I have defined an institution's prosperity as the ability to achieve success financially, within the ranks of your staff, and through the satisfaction of your guests.) Just as we have been able to break down barriers within the Orlando Community, we can work together to reduce or eliminate barriers within our own operations.

If I've learned anything in the past week, it's that talking about what happened helps us to heal. Through an understanding dialogue, we've been able to listen more clearly, to focus on others, and to help in any way that we can and with the talents, skills, and abilities that God has given us. As leaders within each of our institutions, we must be dedicated to leading a positive and productive conversation that is focused on finding real, workable solutions. The best solutions come from those who are involved in their execution each and every day.

I recall when I first took over the ticketing operation at Luxor Las Vegas, there was a lot of work to be done. From a high percentage of missed calls within our Call Center (over 30%) to mismanagement of reserved seats within our showrooms, there existed tremendous opportunity for improvement. During the early days of my time in ticketing, I held weekly meetings with my Ticketing Supervisors. Meetings was actually not the best term to describe them. They were more like 'bitch sessions' and each week, I left them with a splitting headache.

Not long into the change process, I had a thought--rather than simply bringing gripes and frustrations to the meeting, each supervisor would now be required to bring at least two potential solutions to any gripe they felt compelled to bring to the meeting. No more bitching without also sharing real solutions. Guest what? The dynamic of our meetings changed overnight. By doing this, I had challenged my team to think proactively, first identifying a problem and then finding solutions for it. Over time, we successfully identified each problem and found real solutions that we could implement to transform the operation. This remains one of my proudest accomplishments in my career!

Have a great week!


"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

- Mattie Stepanek