What do you have to offer that is so special and makes such an impact that your guests won't mind spending more to have access? These experiences, which are at a greater cost than basic park admission, are what I often group together and refer to as Special Experiences. The ability of the facility to strike the right balance between free inclusions and Special Experiences can yield a tremendous increase in revenue returns.

If your facility hasn't yet found the right balance between free offerings and special experiences, here are some great ideas:

Animal Engagements

•Up-close interaction
•Commemorative Photo
•Trainer for a Day



Film-Based Shows

•4-D theater films (
•Planetarium Show
•IMAX shows





Live shows

•Animal demonstrations

•Theatrical stage performances

• Musical Reviews

• Variety



Traditional Rides

•roller coaster
•Other flat rides




Non-Traditional Rides

•Safari Excursions
•Camel rides
•Pony rides
•Ziplines & ropes courses



Special or Preferred Access

•Early Admission
•Late-Night Hours
•Priority Seating at shows
•Front of the Line Access on rides (




VIP Experiences

•Educational Tours
•Up-Close Access
•Behind the Scenes (How'd they do that?)





Food & Beverage Passes•Drink All Day bottles

•All You Can Eat Wristbands
•Meal Cards




It's all about finding the right experiences. Obviously, not all of the experiences I've listed above will tie in to and be appropriate at your facility...but hopefully this article will give you at least one or tow ideas that you hadn't thought of before. Finding the right experiences, mission-appropriate messaging, and variable pricing options will help your facility to generate more revenue, grow guest satisfaction, and to enhance the overall experience of your facility.

Have a great week.

"A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life."

- Muhammad Ali