Ring in the New Year with Resolutions That Resonate

Happy New Year. As 2016 gets underway, what are your New Year's resolutions? It's the time of year where we begin to set (and then implement) new goals and resolutions. For our personal lives, resolutions might include a pledge to eat right, exercise more, and even to spend more time with the kids. Of course we all know that some resolutions work out better than others. In order for a goal to be most effective, it needs to be both positive and realistic; each large goal should be broken down into small, bite-sized tasks that remove or minimize barriers, and foster simple habits that can be sustained for the long haul. For example, if the larger goal is to lose weight, then the related actions for achieving the goal might include sticking to a low calorie/low carb diet, exercising regularly, and weighing in twice a week.
The same is true in business. In our front gate operations, if your overall goal is to increase revenue from package sales and membership (fabulous goal BTW), you might break it down into smaller, bite-size tasks and habits that you'll need to implement over the course of this year. Here are some great broad goals that you might choose to implement as part of your 2016 vision plan:
Engage locals and grow your membership base. Use social media, email, and direct mail to grow your membership base. Reach out to new members, share what's new, and get locals excited. Refine your renewal process and make it easier to upgrade to higher levels of membership.
Take a fresh look at your ticketing system. Does your ticketing system do everything that you want it to? Ticketing systems should make the sales process easier, not harder. I always wince when I hear a ticket seller state that "the ticketing system won't let me do that." Technology is constantly changing and yet many ticketing systems remain rigid and counterintuitive. Fear not-there are new, affordable options out there now. Reach out to your ticketing system representative to understand what's new with the latest upgrade. Specifically, ask them what best practices might they recommend that would be effective in driving more revenue. You can also explore the possibility of switching to a new ticketing system altogether.
Don't allow the tail to wag the dog. Brainstorm on ways to grow revenue and then choose what will provide the best return on investment. Never allow your accounting team to veto a revenue opportunity simply because it will make the accounting process more difficult.
Invest in your team. Set both team and individual goals. Team goals can be revenue-driven or focused on something like accurate data collection (correct zip codes and email addresses). Individual goals might include incentives for scoring well on a mystery shop to commissions that are tied to membership sales.
The bottom line-keep it fresh and don't enable the naysayers. Find ways to do more with less, more with the same, and yes, quite possibly more with more.