Dialing in the Dialogue

I'll never forget a recent visit to a Central Florida attraction and the appalling interaction that I had with a sales agent. It was my first time visiting the attraction and as I approached the sales agent's window, here's what happened:

Seller: Next in line. Next please!

{I approach her ticket window.}

Seller: Hi, how can I help you?

Me: Hi, I've never been here before. What is there to do?

Seller: Well, with the basic admission, you get... And with the special tour, you get...

Me: Have you ever done one of the special tours? They sound like a blast!

Seller: No, they don't let us do that. I really just want to go home.

Me: It sounds like it. Hmmm. We'll take two adults for the base ticket.

Sellers: Okay, that'll be $96.00...

At most point of sale counters, time is money and words make a difference. Winning words and actions sell more tickets while disengaged sellers, like our friend in the example above, do a great deal of harm.

Many attractions operate their front gate with one, simple tenant - sell 'em a ticket and get 'em on their way. While this approach is not necessarily wrong, it sets the stage for sales mediocrity and can cause arriving guests to feel unimportant. In contrast, sellers who are skilled at engaging with their guests, presenting an appropriate recommendation, and providing a personal endorsement can have an amazing impact on the bottom line. Below are four simple tips that can lead to better sales:

Focus on the Guest in Front of You. Real sincerity occurs when our staff make the commitment to provide great service and a focus on each and every guest and their needs. The key to this is guest engagement--a sincere smile, meaningful eye contact, and focused attention--every guest, every time.

Communicate with Enthusiasm. Create a sincere, engaging dialogue that leads to a better sale. Instead of simply spouting off what a package includes, get excited about the product. Share personal experiences and provide meaningful tips that can be tailored to the guest in front of you.

Use Visuals to Draw Comparison. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is worth 10,000. When we use still images and videos to communicate value, we begin to connect more guests with product and package offerings.

Don't Oversell It. Less is more and too much is too much. Great sellers choose the just the right amount of words and they know when to stop talking.

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

-Douglas Adams