What’s In A Name?


Like It-Love It-Gotta Have It.


What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see each of the sets of product names listed above? Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery, and the Olympic medals. Each set of product names demonstrates how intuitive naming can be used to communicate powerful information simply by tapping into the familiar.

In the first example, Starbucks uses Tall, Grande, and Venti as a branded way to communicate the small, medium, and large sizes of their coffee (yey coffee!). In the second example, Cold Stone Creamery uses a series of phrases that build, one on the next, to illicit a higher level of excitement that corresponds to the increasing serving size (yey ice cream!). In the third example, the Olympic medals, Gold, Silver, and Bronze correspond to the value of precious metals (for medals-clever, right?) and relate to first, second, and third place in competition. In all three examples, these sets of product names play on the familiar, using prior knowledge and clever phrasing to communicate information and illicit a specific response.

How intuitively named are your membership or annual pass products?

Do your product names effectively communicate inclusions or generate excitement?

Have a great week!

"You now have to decide what 'image' you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place."

- David Ogilvy