Buy In — How to Influence Performance and Drive Success

Action comes about if and only if we find a discrepancy between what we are experiencing and what we want to experience. – Phillip J. Runkel, Professor of Psychology and Education, University of Oregon

What’s in it for me? In today’s society that is the question many people (including our employees) ask themselves when they are asked to do something…especially if it is something new or different from what they are used to. Whenever we teach the tenants of Operation: Pineapple’s Five Star Sales program we work to determine the most effective way to achieve “buy-in” with the team; that is the key to success. This could mean creating a Commission structure for sales of your Premium Products or offering gift cards or in-house rewards like Reward and Recognition ceremonies.

When we worked with Jungle Island in 2014, they opted to create a Commission System based on each individual team members’ Sales Performance. We completed training and were on hand to launch their new Sales Program over Labor Day weekend. The day started out with a team meeting where we reviewed the highlights of the Sales Programs and the rewards they could earn. They were also reminded that they had support available, from us and from their Leadership Team, should they have any questions or issues. The Sales Team was excited to use their new knowledge (and to earn those new commissions) and because we had the complete “buy-in” of the team, it was a record setting Labor Day weekend.

Achieving success in sales is all about the “buy-in”; if you want your team to perform at a higher level, they have to “buy-in” to your request to generate more sales. Remember many on your team will be asking “What’s in it for me?”, so you must give them the incentive to want to sell more. Here are four affirmation statements that must be fulfilled to establish buy-in with your team:

1. I know what’s expected and why it’s important
2. I know how to get it done
3. I have the right tools and support
4. I’m driven to do my best

1. I know what’s expected and why it’s important:

  •  This starts at hiring where clear expectations are laid out
  • It continues during training where sellers learn not only the skills of proper selling but also the theory and reason behind them
  • Once they are on the job, sellers are observed, and their sales techniques objectively measured to ensure that standards are being met
  • A Sales Coach has regular coaching sessions (at least twice per month) with each member of the sales team to help them fine tune and improve their technique

2. I know how to get it done:

  • Not only have I learned the skills and techniques needed to be successful, but I also understand that with practice and repetition, I will improve
  • I have someone who helps me to improve
  • I use the provided performance measurements to identify my areas of opportunity

3. I have the right tools and support:

  • The basic supplies I need are always available (pens, paper, clips, etc.)
  • I use the Sales Tools provided to help convey my message
  • My Leadership Team provides me with ongoing training to improve

4. I’m driven to do my best:

  • My Leadership Team focuses more on what I am doing right!
  • There is a generous commission and/or reward & recognition structure in place that relates directly to my performance
  • I receive both public and private praise for my efforts

Improving your Sales is not always an easy accomplishment. It takes an engaged Leadership Team to ensure success. Not only must you have “buy-in” from your team for a successful Sale Program, the Leadership must also “buy-in” to and support the program. When your Leaders fully support the program, it increases the “buy-in” from your Front Line team and once you have their full support, the stage is set for a stunningly successful Sales Program.

Have a wonderful week!