Small, Bite-Size Pieces

Why it is best to not display all pricing options at once

Our guests can get overwhelmed if they are presented with too much information, too quickly. Presenting all your pricing options for all products above General Admission at once can easily backfire. Faced with so many options, and unsure of what would be best, the guest becomes overwhelmed and shuts down – “Can I just do General Admission?” is the frequent response to this inundation of information. It is human nature to prefer that information be kept simple.

This does not mean that you must keep your product lineup overly simplified. Complex product lineups can be very powerful. It is the information and presentation of the products – not the products themselves – that must be managed. Products should be presented a little at a time, based on the best options for each individual guest. Your team should always share the VALUE of the products with the guest and they should always start with the “Best” product offering that meets the needs of the guest in front of them. Once the “Best” option has been presented, Sales Associates use their skills and dialogue to work their way down the sales ladder (as needed) from the Best product, to a Great product, to a Good product, and finally to General Admission. Selling From-Best-to-Basic works incredibly well and it connects more arriving guests with a richer experience during their visit; but this is only possible if you have the right product architecture in place.

Case Study:

The Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida had all of the ingredients for wonderful product offerings – Kayaking, Ziplining, and Animal Feedings/Encounters and had some package offerings in place. We stepped in to apply of expertise in product architecture and sales behavior coaching.

We updated the offerings to include four packages that each included Zoo admission and a varied subset of product offerings. The “Best” option was a “Do It All” package that included everything, another package included Ziplining, a third option included kayaking and giraffe feeding, and another was created specifically for younger guests.

With the new product lineup in place, we worked with the Zoo’s Admissions Team on the steps to follow to connect more of their arriving guests with the amazing new product offerings. The team started having dialogues with arriving guests which allowed them to match more guests with the best products to meet their needs. This had two amazing benefits; first, the Zoo’s Admission Revenue increased dramatically, and second, their guests were happier too! Guests were enjoying a richer experience that maximized their enjoyment of their visit, which is, after all, what it’s really about.

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