Hasta La Vista, Baby! Why you must terminate your Kiosks today.

Hasta La Vista, Baby!

Why you must terminate your Kiosks today.

“No fate but what we make” – Kyle Reese, Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Kiosks are the ruin of an effective front gate. They process only the most basic of transactions, they fail to maximize revenue, and as a result they leave a tremendous amount of money on the table. Even the best, most intuitively-designed kiosk can never hold a candle to the effectiveness of an engaged and well-trained Sales Associate.

The reason for this goes to the heart – quite literally – of what it means to be human. As humans, we care, we love, we commit…in other words, we feel…no Kiosk can do that; which means that no kiosk can connect with arriving guests in the same way that a human can. But many industry leaders are choosing to abandon (or severely cut back on) Sales Associates in favor of Kiosks. The savings on labor may seem like a good idea…but it will cost you in the long run. Rather than investing in machines, invest in your team and make sure you are giving your Sales Associates all the tools they need to truly connect with your guests:

  • Commit to hiring quality individuals who are passionately committed to your facility and to great sales behaviors
  • Once you have a great team, ensure that they are effectively trained to connect with your guests using modern Sales Strategies
  • Believe in your Team! Give them the proper tools and then make sure they know that you have faith in their ability to sell effectively
  • Create/Maintain a Sales Environment that complements the words and actions of your Sales Team
  • Have a Product Line-Up that connects with your guests and satisfies their needs

Kiosks are not, and can never be, people. They will never be able to connect with guests on a personal level and help them to make the most of their visit. Leaders who embrace the potential of their team, invest in their happiness, and build their skills will reap the rewards. Those who continue down the road to automation will likely find themselves reverting to people in a few short years when guests prefer the personal connection of a human. Focus on your Sales Team, instead of Kiosks, or you may have guests telling you Hasta La Vista, Baby.

Have a great week!