Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! It is hard to believe that the holiday season is over. As the holiday rush settles back into our regular day-to-day business, we start to make our plans for the new year: new marketing, new promotions, maybe new exhibits or attractions - all planned with the aim of bringing in new guests or enticing current guests to return more frequently. Focusing on our guests is definitely important, but don't focus so much on your guests that you forget the most important feature of your venue: your Team Members!

As the craziness of the holidays settles back into the routine of regular business be sure to thank all of your team members for their contributions for a successful holiday season. Make sure they know that Leadership values them and recognizes how important they are. Take some time to visit your Front-Line Team Members and offer them a personal "Thank You" for all of their hard work and dedication during the holidays.

If you wanted to do something a little more than just saying thank you, perhaps you could provide breakfast or lunch for you team with a "Thank You" note for their hard work over the holidays.
If you have specific team members who picked up extra shifts over the holidays or who were willing to come in early and/or stay late to cover when needed, publicly acknowledge them. You might even consider a small bonus to thank them for their dedication.

My two oldest children both work at a park in Orlando and between Christmas and New Year's eligible team members were offered an extra $1 per hour for extra holiday shifts they picked up and for arriving to work on time and staying for their entire shifts on the busiest days of the season. It was a nice perk for the Team Members who already did those things, and it was an added incentive for Team Members who may have been more lackadaisical in their attendance to be on time.

When we take the time to treat our team members with respect and acknowledge their contributions to our organization it makes them feel that they are valued and appreciated. When our team feels valued, they are happy to be at work, and when our team is happy to be at work, they offer our guests outstanding service - which then makes our guests feel valued and appreciated and makes them want to return.

Have a great week!

Melea Desrochers