CASHING IN ON CONVENIENCE: Why wearable technology is the wave of the future

Smart Wristband Technology

Smart Wristband Technology Is Transforming the Guest Experience

Remember years ago when it used to take several steps just to get into a theme park? You had to wait in line to purchase your admission ticket, pull out your wallet, pay the cashier, receive your barcoded ticket, walk to the admissions turnstile, present your ticket, and finally enter. I know I was exhausted even before I got through the front gates. Far too many steps just to get in the door and extremely inconvenient.

The physical act of taking out your wallet and paying can be psychologically “painful” for many consumers. The more that we are forced to do it, the less we are likely to spend. That’s why retailers have spent billions on technology that makes the purchase process almost effortless. With a few clicks on their smartphone, our guests can now buy their tickets online, print them at home, and go straight to the gate. Some websites make it even more convenient by allowing tickets to be stored on smartphone. The easier we make it for our guests to customize and pay for customized experiences in advance, the more likely they are to spend money on other ancillaries once inside.

Evolution of the Experience

Today, the guest experience is becoming more interactive than ever. Our guests are climbing, crawling, swinging, swimming, skiing, surfing, bouncing, and flying. As we push the limits of physical participation through increasingly interactive experiences, asking our guests to hold onto their wallets, purses, and smartphones has become an increasing challenge. This begs the question:

How can we ask our guests to lock up their smartphones, wallets, and purses without sacrificing the convenience we’ve worked so hard to achieve?

The answer is the smart wristband and they are fast replacing the traditional admission ticket…wallet…photo pass…hotel room key…and much more. Why? Because they make the guest experience effortless. 

Keeping Pace with the Active Guest

Imagine swimming up to a bar at the local waterpark, starting a tab with your smart wristband, and instantly enjoying a frozen margarita. No more walking back to the locker or lounge chair. What if you could send your kids to the theme park with spending money that they simply can’t lose? Smart wristband software stores the guest’s money securely in the cloud and even allows them to set spending parameters. When smart wristband technology is tied to your point-of-sale, hotel lodging software, and other platforms, you have completely transformed the guest experience.

The right Smart Wristband software should perform an array of functions. Below are some of the most common ways that smart wristband technology might be integrated:

  • Replace the park admission ticket at the front gate
  • Store and scan additional guest entitlements like front-of-the-line access, special experiences, and other benefits.
  • Process payment for retail, food, and other ancillary purchases
  • Open guest lockers (to store those wallets, smartphones, and purses)
  • Provide access to your hotel room
  • Link all the photos taken of you and your family to one account

There are a variety of wearable options to consider. It all depends on the application. For a water park, the wearable must be secure, durable, and waterproof. For the ski industry, the solution might not be a smart wristband at all but instead a waterproof, laminated credential with either a barcode or some form of integrated RFID or NFC chip technology. While our guests may view the physical device as the convenience, it is the software itself—a fully integrated platform, easy to use, and comprehensive—that is most important. The more systems that can be integrated, the better. Without a fabulous point-of-sale software solution, a smart wristband is just another piece of plastic.


 "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
--Arthur C. Clarke

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