Don’t Panic!

Best Practices for Keeping Cool in a Pinch

“Fast is slow and slow is fast” - John Maxwell

Irma was nervous. She could not locate the guest’s reservation. She had searched everywhere…the ticketing system, the pre-printed will call tickets, and even the VIP List. "Are you certain that the tickets were booked in your name?” she asked as calmly as possible.

“Of course,” the guest said, starting to sound a bit agitated, “Why, can’t you find them?”

Irma said nothing as she pounded madly on the keyboard. Just moments later Irma was finally able to find the reservation, but the damage had already been done; the guest left a complaint noting the poor guest service provided by Irma.

How often has something similar to this happened at your facility? At our Point-of-Sale and Ticketing points our guests expect us to provide a flawless experience and as operators it is our responsibility to make sure our teams are able to deliver a great guest experience.

Below are a few actions you can take to streamline your Point-of-Sale operation and create a better experience for both your guests and your team members:

Reduce or remove hurdles – By keeping things simple and making sure that your operation runs efficiently and your procedures are intuitive you are creating an environment that allows both your guests and your team to win.
Be Proactive – Taking the initiative to prepare, perhaps by pre-printing tickets, labeling them, and filing them by the name of the guest who will be picking them up can greatly increase transaction speed and reduce wait times during your busy periods.
Teach your team to keep their cool – Guests feed off of the energy and attitude of the seller. By teaching your team to take a breath, keep a smile on their face, and use positive phrases like “It will be just another moment” and “No Worries”, you are helping them to keep guests calm and happy.

Give your team a hand up – During peak times require your Supervisory Team to be visible and proactive with guest issues. We have found that installing a Supervisory Workstation within guest view can transform the dynamics of a ticketing operation. When Supervisors are consistently present and visible to both your team and your guests, things tend to run more smoothly.
By adopting these best practices you will see a smoother Point-of-Sale operation; you will create an improved working environment for your team, they will be able to provide the flawless experience your guests’ deserve, and you will find that you are receiving fewer guest complaints.

Have a wonderful week!