Honesty, Trust, Integrity… and Salesmanship?

Honesty. Trust. Integrity. ...Salesmanship?"

How these corporate values can work in harmony.

"Words from the thread on which we string our experiences" - Aldous Huxley
Honesty, trust, and integrity; as corporate values go these are very important and we all want these to be cornerstones of our culture. But at the frontgate we should also consider including another cornerstone; Salesmanship. We can certainly all think of examples where sales people were at odds with the first three values noted above, but can salesmanship coexist within an environment of honest selling, integrity, and trustworthiness? The answer is absolutely, YES!

The definition of Salesmanship is "the skills and methods used in selling or promoting products" and it is absolutely possible, indeed preferable, to use the values of Honesty, Trust, and Integrity when using Salesmanship to not only present ticket options to our guests, but to increase the success of our sales team. Today we will take a look at three traits of a seller who exemplifies the values of honest selling and how that benefits all parties:

Warmth and Sincerity - A successful salesperson always puts themselves in their guests' shoes, speaking to their guests as they would like to be spoken to. It is a mindset that we must be sure to instill in all of the members of our Sales Team. As leaders it is important that we lead by example and exhibit a warm and sincere attitude that our team can emulate. We do this by greeting each other with a smile, an open stance, and kind words. The warm greeting and words set the stage for a trusting relationship - both between team members and between our team members and guests.

Candid Words - Being candid and honest goes hand-in-hand with sincerity. When sellers provide information, advice, and recommendations to guests it is most well received and appreciated when it is presented in a candid, personal, and honest way. In a situation where there are different options available for seating, for example, make sure the guest is aware of the options and the pros/cons of each option: "I have a couple of options for you - the first will put you in the front row and you could get wet - but, if you are OK with that it is really fun! The second option I have is a lot drier, but it is 20 rows back." By being candid with our guests we are honestly presenting them with the information they need to make the best decisions about what to purchase.

A Vested Interest - Having sellers who want the best for each guest makes all the difference! When sellers have a vested interest in their guest's happiness, and they are making recommendations based on the guests' needs, something special happens that also makes the seller even more effective - they are able to make personal and impassioned pleas that allow them to connect more fully with their guests. When their words connect with the guest and a relationship of trust has been established, more guests will say "Yes" to the seller's recommendations. Having a vested interest means it is all about the guest.
Sellers who demonstrate the qualities of Warmth and Sincerity (Trust), Candid Words (Honesty), and A Vested Interest (Integrity) will have a higher level of success in their interactions both with guests and with fellow team members. After all, these are the cornerstones of successful and lasting relationships. When these values are free-flowing throughout your culture, success in sales will be automatic.

Have a great week!