Money on the Table

money on the table

Nobody likes leaving money on the table... and yet with most ticketing operations, that's all they are doing. They assume the guest already knows what they want and that they are just there to process the order. They fail to sell tickets at all--they only “take orders”. Therefore, they leave a tremendous amount of new money on the table.

Here is the traditional approach to ticket sales at most attractions and institutions:

Guest approaches ticket seller.
Ticket seller greets guest/asks “how can I help you?”
Guest asks for tickets—usually broken down with x Adults and y Children.
Ticket seller processes order, prints tickets, and provides tickets to guests.

In this example, the seller isn't selling at all. Instead, they are simply taking orders and selling a General Admission ticket. They are also leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table. There is another way…

The Solution.

At a handful of zoos, museums, parks, and attractions around the country, an exciting transformation is taking place. More guests are choosing to purchase higher-valued packages, special experiences, and membership products because their Sellers have stopped asking assumptive questions like ‘How Can I Help You?” Instead, they have transformed their product lineup to better satisfy guest needs, updated their sales environment to be more conducive to conversation, and implemented the training techniques and strategies that we have recommended. Sellers now take the time to connect with the guest in front of them, identify their needs, and share the products that are most appropriate.

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