Bundles of Joy

Seven Spectacular ways to Bundle Value with Admission

When was the last time you visited a fast food restaurant like McDonald's or Burger King? What were they promoting and how were they promoting it? They were promoting their packages and combos, right? When looking at Consumer Psychology, people love to have options...but they can become overwhelmed quickly. This is the beauty of bundling, it allows you to offer more value and options to your guests without overwhelming them in the process.

At the Front Gate, Online, and through third-party resellers, we can bundle Admission - which all guests need - with a variety of other options that will add value, convenience, and enjoyment to their day. Below are a few ideas for bundles.

1. Animal Encounters and Special Experiences - allow your guests to get up close with some of your animal friends or to see the new, special exhibit you have. Letting guests add this when they purchase admission means they have more time to enjoy the animals and/or exhibits without having to buy additional tickets later.

2. Front of Line Access/Preferred Seating - many guests hate standing in line or waiting hours to ensure they get a good seat for the popular shows/parades. Give them an option to include this premium feature when they buy their admission.

3. Behind the Scenes Tours - many guests love the idea of being able to learn "secrets" about your facility or to see areas that are usually off limits to the general public. Make sure guests know if you offer tours so they can schedule when they buy their admission.

4. Photo and Retail - this is a great way to help your guests remember the great time they had during their visit! Including an option for a souvenir photo or plush or T-shirt ensures your guests will take a tangible memory home with them.

5. Food and Beverage - every time a guest must bring out their wallet during a visit, it gets harder and harder for them to spend money. If you have an option for a Dining Plan or an all you can drink bottle guests can see the value in only having to pay once (at the beginning of their day) and not having to worry about food cost for the rest of their day.

6. Other local area attractions - partnering with other attractions can be a win/win for everyone as this allows all partners to have broader exposure to guests due to the cross promotion. Some excellent examples of this are CityPass and GoCard, but the same type of idea works for smaller attractions who decide to work together.

7. Hotel Stays - partnering with a local hotel to offer discounts on rooms or packages that include the hotel stay and admission tickets is a great option that let's your guests stay "close to the action" so that they are ready for an early start (or don't have far to go after a long day).

This list only shows a few of the bundle possibilities, review your offerings to see what other options you might have. The important thing to remember is that whatever bundles we choose to offer will have more curb appeal to our guests than presenting the same items a-la-carte.

Have a great week!