The Evolution of Access Control

The Evolution of Access Control

For nearly a century the traditional turnstile with a rotating arm was the standard piece of access control hardware for sporting events, concert venues, and gated attractions. Attendants would staff each access point, verify that each guest had a valid ticket, and then grant access to attendees. There was no advanced technology involved-it was a manual process that left plenty of room for human error (and human deception). It could also create "choke points" and long lines for visitors at peak times.

When upgrading the technology at our venues, it is easy to think about our newest attraction or our ticketing system, but even with something as basic as our entry access point, we have come a long way...

Over the past two decades there has been a steady shift away from the traditional turnstile. Today the options are "wide open" as many gates have done away with the rotating arm. Now many gates are ADA compliant and offer feature like retractable panels. This allows guests in wheelchairs and parents with strollers quick and easy access through your main gates.

Not only have access gates become more advanced, we have seen advances with other access control technologies. Handheld scanners have become much more common. This technology allows access gates to be set up anywhere; you simply need stanchions set up to create an entry lane.

Ticket Validation has also had quantum advances in the last couple of decades. No longer do we have to rely on a manual validation process. Now we are able to scan barcodes for quick, accurate validation. Beyond barcodes individual identifiers such as biometric fingerprints, retinal scans, and pictures/facial recognition are able to add another layer of security to ensure that the ticket belongs to the person presenting it and that it is not able to be transferred to another guest.

These advances create a quicker, smoother access experience for our guests and added security for our venues. Embracing new technology, even for something as simple as allowing guests to access our venues, can get their day off to a great start! As we continue to see advances in Technology you can bet the that humble turnstile will continue to evolve to improve the experience for both guests and the venues they visit.