The Value of Time

Recently I experienced a situation that has made me reevaluate the importance that time plays in my life. The time that we spend on this earth – however short or long – is a gift from God. Whether we are spending time working or with our family and friends, time is valuable. What we do with the time we have truly matters.
In some ways, it is the same with the guests who visit our parks and attractions. They visit us because they want to have an enjoyable time. During off-peak times when we are slower and have shorter operating times, they want to maximize enjoyment in the time that they have. During busy times when we have more guests we have the added challenge of helping our guests to maximize their enjoyment during their visit, despite larger crowds. Below are some great ways we can offer time-saving services and options for our guests:

Make ordering food and beverages effortless:
• Offer services like a mobile ordering app and allow guests to schedule pick up times.
• Make the transaction seamless and allow them to pay within the app.
Make Queueing More Enjoyable:
• Offering services like a Front of the Line program is one way to help guests maximize their time.
• Offering food and beverage within your Queue allow guests to multi-task
• Provide entertainment for your guests while they are waiting
Put information at their fingertips:
• Mobile Apps are a great way to keep guests informed about everything from wait times to show schedules
• Allow guests plan their day and receive updates so they don’t miss a beat.
• Make it easy for your guest to text you if they have questions.
The quicker and easier we make it for our guests to find what they want – whether that is a show schedule, a ride time listing, or the closest place that sells Churros – the more time they have to focus on enjoying our facility.
Have a great week!