Sales Coaches Drive Greater Performance

Why performance improvement is so important in the ticket window

Coaches hep us to do what we do better. They observe, evaluate, and provide feedback to help us improve. For example, in baseball a coach might observe a batter's stance, swing, focus, and follow through. They will evaluate and then make recommendations for adjustments that will improve the players performance level.

Coaches are not just for sports teams; they can also be an effective solution for improving the performance of your Front Gate Team. Sales agents often simply process orders and catch sales given to them by guests rather than engaging with the guests to find the best product for them. With the right training and a Sales Coach who is focused on helping sellers to master a more effective way to sell, the results can be incredible! Below are some specific components that qualified Sales Coaches work to improve:

Set a Standard - Decide what is expected and make the new standard know. Your team will appreciate having clear expectations to follow.

Measure Performance - Identify how you will measure performance against the new standard and put processes in place. This is where your Sales Coaches come in - they are your "Standard Enforcement Team" - they will observe, evaluate, and provide feedback to your team to help them improve their performance level.

Compare to the Standard - Typically we can measure behavior against a standard by comparison; however, for Sales Behavior you want to use a Standard Form on which the seller can clearly see where they stand compared to the Standard Expectation. In order for feedback to be effective, it must be given in a timely manner.

Offer Recommendations - When the Coach meets with the seller they want to start with Positive comments from the interaction they observed. They also want to have a plan for what recommendations they have prior to meeting with them. Opportunities for improvement should be delivered in a positive manner as well.

Put it into Practice - Once the seller has received feedback, it is time for them to "put it into practice" and use the feedback received to improve their sales technique. For most adjustments in behavior to feel comfortable and to be consistent it can take a few days. Coaches will want to wait a few days after offering feedback before measuring to the standard once again.

Your Sales Coaches will be vital in ensuring the long-term success of your new standards. They will work with your team to ensure that they both understand the new requirements and that they will be held accountable for maintaining them. This can be the difference between success of your new standard and its failure...with your team falling back to their old habits.