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The words we use matter. In fact, in many cases sellers have the potential to transform the bottom line by 20%--simply by transforming their dialogue. Words can be powerful and highly effective but only if we clearly understand the nuances and differences in dialogue that our sellers are currently using and how simply adjustments will make all of the difference. Here are five phrases that will drive more ticket sales at your venue.

FROM:  What’s your zip code?

TO: Where are you from?

If you sell memberships or annual passes, your team should be asking everyone arriving at your facility where they are visiting from. This question needs to be one of the first things asked in the conversation, along with how many adults and children in the party. With this information, your sellers have what they need to offer the best product available—a Membership (or AP) if they are locals. The more your sellers ask this question, the of these products you’ll sell.

FROM:  Do you want to add?

TO:  Here’s what I recommend.

Who’s the expert? Your guests or your sellers? Your guests, of course. Teach your sellers to always recommend the best product available rather than asking the guest if they want it. That way, you are making it clear that you understand their needs, what’s available, and you are taking responsibility and recommending the best product for them. Recommending products allows your sellers to make their mark as experts in planning the guest’s day…and that’s something they all should be proud to be.

FROM: No, we don’t have that

TO: Here’s what is available today.

In today’s day and age, our team can get so task-oriented that they forget what they are there to do. This is, they forget they are there to match arriving guests with the best product available. As a result, guests order products and employees process the order. If a product is unavailable, most employees will simply inform the guest, “I’m sorry, we’re all out of that today.” The experienced sales person understands that this is not the correct response and instead, responds this way.  “All of our spots for the IMAX are filled up for today but I do still have some great seats available now for the 1 PM planetarium show. I think you’ll really love it.” This is the difference between a seller who understands how to sell and one who is simply processing orders (i.e. Yes, No, Next in Line).

FROM:  I’ve never done it before.

TO:  I did it with my family and we had a blast!

Endorsements sell tickets…especially when they are genuine and sincere. Do you let your team experience the same products that your guests will be experiencing? Especially when it comes to employees who sell experiences, they should have the opportunity to experience it for themselves. Moreover, they should be able to bring their family with them either for free or at a reasonable discount.

FROM:  What time would you like to go?

TO:  I have 12 PM slots available. Let me book those for you now.

The most expensive seat is an empty seat. Have you ever played the video game Tetris? The goal of the game is to fill as many rows as possible with various descending shapes. The better you are at filling every spot in every row, the higher your score. When we sell inventory-controlled tickets, it’s a lot like playing Tetris. The better we are at teaching our teams to fill up the available spots in a strategic way, they more guests will be able to participate and the higher the revenue we will generate.