Priorities Matter! How Operating Efficiently Can Get Us from Good to Great

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Priorities Matter!

How Operating Efficiently Can Get Us from Good to Great

Priorities matter. Early in my career, I became introduced to a set of four priorities that help organizations to achieve greatness. These priorities are:


 Guest Service

 Show Quality



Last week, I wrote primarily about the first three priorities (read last week’s blog). Today, we focus in on the fourth priority—efficiency. As I stated last week, the beauty of efficiency is in its simplicity. When we focus on being safe, providing great service, and presenting a quality show, efficiency is automatic. Operating efficiently is perhaps the best strategy for moving your organization from Good to Great.

Safety-Related Efficiencies

  • Checking safety restraints on rides ensures guest safety. Being safe AND efficient means that your team is checking safety restrains thorough and at a fast pace. This keeps the lines down and guests happy.
  • Cycle an appropriate number of ride vehicles on the track to accommodate guest flow. At the same time, ensure that your team is not cycling empty vehicles which can result in unnecessary wear.
  • Introduce and maintain procedures that reduce or eliminate uncomfortable conversations regarding height requirements. Some operators provide a service that allows small children to be measured and wrist-banded in advance. As a result, height-related guest issues can be addressed in advance and reduce the chance that guests become angry later.

Guest Service-Related Efficiencies

  • Staff additional help on peak days to control guest flow and accommodate larger crowds.
  • Distribute water to guests as they wait in line to buy their tickets.
  • Offer a virtual queue for guests so guests can skip the physical line and enter an attraction at a predetermined time.
  • Allow mobile purchase of tickets, food & beverage, and retail items from a comprehensive app.

Efficiency in Show Quality & Performance

  • Perform ride maintenance and enhancements when the park is closed or during the off-season. Always planning for maximum throughput during peak season.
  • Proactively replace lights, projector lamps, bubble machines, etc. before they fail.

Additionally, we can apply efficiency to our overall operation with relative ease. Applying efficiencies to a finance department might include introducing software automation to adopt the mundane tasks. Below are a few other great opportunities to introduce efficiencies and cut costs:

Efficiency in Operations

  • Reduce labor costs during the slow season by combining position responsibilities—again, provided that such reduction is done safely and without compromise to guest service.
  • Limit your park’s hours of operation or the days of the week during which you are open.
  • Automate processes like the transfer of data from your point of sale systems into your accounting software.