Priorities Matter! Here Are Four Keys That Will Transform Your Operation

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Priorities Matter!

Four Keys to Operating a Successful Attraction

Priorities matter and for several years while I was with the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, we had four simple priorities:
Guest Service
Show Quality

At Luxor, they were Pharaoh's Phour Philosophies, Universal Studios called them the Four Keys, and Disney, who still uses them today, refers to them the Four Secrets. Regardless of their name, these four priorities can help any size organization to prioritize what truly matters. Together, they create a roadmap of operational excellence. In today's issue of Monday Morning with Marty, we present a brief summary of this special set of priorities.

PRIORITY #1:  Safety.

Safety is always first and applies everywhere at work. We must be safe in all work locations from  guest areas to back of house areas. Safety even follows us into the lunch room. Employees must always consider safety concerns above all else including the remaining three priorities. For example, imagine that a child is climbing up onto a railing and has the potential to fall. The employee who sees this has a duty to address it because safety is above all else. Even if they are perceived by the guest as being rude, safety must remain first.

PRIORITY #2:  Guest Service.

Guest Service refers to the manner in which we treat both guests and fellow employees and it is second only to Safety (Priority #1). Providing great guest service means that we are kind, attentive, empathetic, and proactive in our actions and interactions with others. As an example, we might break character in an attraction to help a lost child. This would be an example of putting Guest Service over Show Quality. We might also place someone at the front of an attraction line (Priority #4:  Efficiency) in order to keep them happy even though it might cause an interruption in the normal operation of the attraction.

PRIORITY #3:  Show Quality/Performance.

This third component of the formula, show quality/performance is where the best attractions truly shine; this is where you can insert your own park-specific flair. Show Quality and Performance excellence means that your team members might be in character for a specific zone within your attraction. You might, for example, staff your Arctic Circle attraction with team members who dress in parkas and who wear snow boots. These team members might even be trained to greet guests arriving to the area with “Welcome to the North Pole!” At Universal Orlando, team members who work at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are very engaged in their interactions with park guests and sound like they stepped straight out of the movies; they refer to park guests as Muggles (non-magic folk) and talk about spells, wands, and dragons.

PRIORITY #4:  Efficiency.

Efficiency is the last of the four priorities. The beauty of efficiency is this--when we focus on operating safely, providing excellent guest service, and presenting our facility, rides, and attractions in a manner that exudes quality and performance excellence, efficiency is automatic. Next week, I will expand upon efficiency, discussing how it plays such an important part in handling safety-related issues, establishing guest-friendly service policies, and ensuring a culture of excellent quality and showmanship. Stay-tuned for next week’s issue of Monday Morning with Marty.