Why It’s Essential to Connect with Your Guests After They Visit

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after they visit

Why It's Essential to Connect with Your Guests After They Visit

Connecting with our guests is essential to success. If you’ve been a subscriber of my blog, you’ve likely read my thoughts on the importance of connecting with arriving guests at the ticket counter...but what happens after they visit?

To keep in contact with our guests after they leave, we must collect some important information during the ticket purchase process—their name (first name only is okay), their cell number, and their email address. This data is essential as we will use it to contact our guests after their visit. In today’s blog, we will discuss the three things you should want your guests to do after they visit:

Share Honest Feedback.

Guest feedback is golden. Guest feedback can help us to shed light on areas of opportunity and to address guest service failures. It can also help us to recognize great employees and to see where we are making a meaningful impact with our guests. When we invite our guests to leave feedback about their experience and then listen to it, respond, and improve our operation, it shows our guests that we are committed to the Guest Experience.

I like the idea of using SMS text messaging technology to solicit feedback from our guests soon after they leave the facility. As operators, we need to know right away whether we have WOW’d them…or not. By using SMS text messaging technology, we can quickly connect with guests via their mobile device and obtain fresh information on their experience. Here’s what an SMS text message from your facility might look like:

after they visit

Share Their Day on Social Media.

It’s a fact that today, most of us live on our Smartphone. As a force of habit, we pick it up, check messages, and post on social media daily. This is what most of our guests are doing when they visit. As savvy operators, we must be quick to respond to social media postings, promoting positive posts with thanks, shares, and retweets, while quickly addressing service failures. Here are a few additional tips regarding how our team should be responding to social media post.

  1. Ask your guests to subscribe to your eNewsletter and encourage them to LIKE your Facebook page.
  2. Be active on your social media account. Doing so will keep your followers engaged and will help you to grow your fan base more quickly; depending on the size of the organization, you may want to consider dedicating a new position/team to this role.
  3. Respond quickly. Speed matters and the faster you are to respond, the better you will be able to recover service failures and to keep your followers engaged.
  4. Incorporate social media hashtags and links into your facility’s attractions and exhibits.
  5. Be professional. Make certain that your social media personnel reflects your facility’s brand integrity. Avoid getting personal and talking down to guests.
  6. Recover service failures in style. Apologize whenever appropriate and ask them to contact you via email or phone if possible.
  7. Don't give your guests the run-around. Nobody enjoys being passed from person to person, having to reexplain their issue. Ensure that the same person answering the social media can quickly address issues offline whenever necessary.

Return Often.

Keep your guests engaged and in the loop about what's coming up. Capitalize on those who have liked your Facebook page or are following you on Twitter. Share posts on social media to make it exciting for previous visitors to return again. Post holiday activities and events, special member/annual pass holder parties, and new exhibit openings.

When it comes time to renew their annual pass, you can use SMS text messaging to remind your members/pass holders that it’s that time of year. Use a combination of email and SMS text messaging to ask for renewals. If you collect specific guest spending habits data, you could even provide a summary of their last year’s visits and spending. For example:

after they visit


Have a great week!



- Shep Hyken

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