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Hire the Right People

“First who, then what.” This is the opening sentence from Jim Collins fantastic book Good to Great. Collins goes on to talk about the importance of hiring the right people as a first priority. (His analogy is to get the right people on the bus before anything else.) Therefore, the role of any great HR department should be this: Hire good people and then figure out what position suits them best.


Be Selective.

As the employer, we have a right to be choosy…provided it is for the right reasons. While we should never discriminate on the basis of protected characteristics, we can selectively hire based on candidates who:

  • Smile often; appear warm and friendly,
  • Make eye contact and appear honest in their interview, and
  • Dress appropriately for the interview.

Prescreening questions help human resources leaders to sort through candidates who do not meet your minimum workplace requirements. They can also help to identify candidates with the right mindset or skillset for the role. You can use specialized software or write your own questions. Either way, prescreening candidates are an effective tool for HR professionals looking to improve their candidate pool.


Don't Wait for Them to Come to You.

Hospitality organizations are not the same as the corner gas station or fast food outlet. The fact is that we expect more from our people. We expect them to be productive, friendly, and engaging with our guests. However, very often we find ourselves in the same position as that gas station or fast food outlet. Below are a few questions that should serve as a gut check for your recruitment process:

  • Do you wait for good people to come to you or do you go out in search of them?
  • Does your HR department work with recruitment agencies to fill your leadership positions or do you take what you can get?
  • Are your star employees rewarded with their own recruitment and retention incentives?

When employers take the extra initiative to go out and recruit good people rather than sitting back and hoping for the best, they get a bigger payoff.


Pay More—Get More.

Most organizations acknowledge that compensation is an important focus of their recruitment process. However, the right people are not as likely to leave their current job for a cut in pay—even if the new job is a better opportunity. In an April, 2016 report on Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement, SHRM found that 95% of employees reported that compensation/pay was important to their job satisfaction, while only 65% were satisfied with their compensation. Therefore, 35% of employees are dissatisfied with their compensation. To attract the right level of quality applicants, you must pay a competitive rate.

You can learn more about engagement and compensation by clicking here.

Most organizational leaders believe that, for the most part, you can teach skills and tasks for a specific role. However, what you can't teach is attitude. Hiring the right people means finding people who want to be part of what you do, to move the organization forward, and to do so as part of a greater team. 
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"If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it you almost don't have to manage them."

- Jack Welch

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