Upside-Down: How to Flip the Upsell & Sell More

Brunswick is one of the top manufacturers of pool tables in the world and they've been in business for the last 170 years. A few years ago, Brunswick also operated a chain of retail stores around the country.  Within their stores, they offered an array of pool tables from the low end to the very high end. The tables inside  Brunswick's stores were arranged on the showroom floor with the cheapest pool table located near the front doors and the higher-priced, more luxurious models situated at the back of the store.  Brunswick had identified that their top-selling pool table was the one positioned second from the front doors.  Retail sales throughout the chain were steadily declining and so the company did what all good companies  do when they need help growing sales, they hired an outside consultant to review the operation and provide recommendations.

When the consultant finished their review, they had only one recommendation for Brunswick--flip the order of the pool tables within the stores.  The consultant recommended that Brunswick move all of the expensive pool tables forward and to the front of the store and relocate the cheaper models to the back of the store.

Brunswick made the change...and almost immediately, sales improved.  The tables at the front of the store--now the more luxurious and more expensive models--began to sell very well. In fact, the number one selling pool table in the entire store was now the model positioned second from the door.  The Brunswick story just goes to show that when consumers are exposed to quality, value, and higher-prices first, consumers are more inclined to purchase those products.

Presenting products From-Best-to-Basic is the exact opposite of upselling.  As the story above illustrates, when consumers are presented with higher-valued and higher priced products first, they become biased in favor of the higher value and price. At the front gate, we can employ a similar technique to present product options From-Best-to-Basic.

The illustration below shows how Membership products might be offered From-Best-to-Basic:

This process works regardless of the time of year; no matter if it is peak season, slow season, or somewhere in between, the psychology is the same--arriving guests  buy more when we flip the order and present our products From-Best-to-Basic.

Have a great week!

"If you don't like something, change it.
If you can't change it, change your attitude."

      -- Maya Angelou