KEEP YOUR PEOPLE HAPPY — and well-informed.

Do you remember your first job?  I do.  At 14, I delivered newspapers in my neighborhood, riding my old Schwinn bike with a basket full of newspapers mounted to my handlebars.  I had a goal in my head when I took over that route:  to save enough money to buy a Yamaha DX21 electronic musical keyboard.  It wasn’t always an easy job.  It was an afternoon paper route but one day a week, I had to get up at 5 AM to deliver a much larger edition-the Sunday morning edition.
I remember my district manager too.  He was a nice older gentleman who worked in our neighborhood.  Whenever I would get in a bind or need extra help, Mister Alfred was there to help me out.  He was kind, flexible, and he cared about me as a person.
In our attractions world and as the employer of many “first time workers,” we are responsible for setting the tone for our line staff and creating an environment in which our teams can thrive.  While wage might be a consideration during one’s job search, for most the base wage isn’t that important to associates once they’ve got the job.  So what does drive them?  Their level of engagement.
The level at which people are involved in their work is at the heart of many important issues including productivity, job satisfaction, turnover, promote-ability, and absenteeism.  The table below summarizes the behaviors of associates at various stages of engagement within their job:
To be truly successful, we must be fully committed to our team’s happiness and toward achieving the highest level of engagement.  Last Spring, I wrote about some fabulous best practices for keeping teams happy and engaged at work.  For more information on team engagement, check out the four part series:
Spring Engagement:



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