HAPPY NEW YEAR: Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Creating an Effective Front Gate

Happy New Yea!  As we leave 2016 in the rearview mirror and forge our way into the first full week of January, I wanted to share with you my general thoughts on what makes an exceptional front gate operations “exceptional”. Is it a special finesse to how guest service issues are handled? Is it an ability to effectively connect with our guest’s needs toward the purchase of the best-suited experience? Is it in how we as the leadership team are able to connect, energize, and engage with our team members? Is it a particular focus on revenue management and our ability to maximize the sale of exciting products and experiences for the best price we can get? The answer to all of these questions is, of course…
The answer is indeed a blend of all of the above and I assure you, each of these is attainable Here are my top 10 new years resolutions for sales-minded front gates:
  1. Set clear expectations–and stick to them
  2. Keep your team happy–and well-informed
  3. Try new things–experiment with dynamic pricing, behind the scenes tours, and limited capacity/exclusive events.
  4. Document your policies–, then, lead by example(guest service standard, cash handling standard, attendance policy, and sales productivity standard)
  5. Be fanatical about training–make it a daily thing
  6. Recognize forward progress–reward exceptional behavior
  7. Hold your team accountable–and pay them well for beating their numbers
  8. Refresh your product mix–find at least three new products to sell in 2017.
  9. Communicate all promotions, coupons, and special discounts to your team–let nothing be a surprise
  10.  Hire passionate people–and cut the deadweight
In the coming weeks, I will be delving into each of these topics with new and interesting angles that you’ve come to expect from Monday Morning with Marty.
I’m excited about 2017 and the promise it brings for all of us both personally and in business. Have a great week and…