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Guest Experience Management

Operational success relies on an elevated Guest Experience. When our employees are happier, the operation runs smoother. Thus, our guests are happier. As a result, they spend more money, leave more positive feedback, and visit again and again. So how do we elevate the Guest Experience? First, by understanding what our guests think and feel about their experience.

When we clearly understand what's in their heads, we can plan and improve the experience. For example, if many guests identify an issue with staff not being friendly, we would focus training to improve service engagement. As a result, staff would learn and practice ways in which they could be more engaging. Then, the next time we measure guest satisfaction, we should see a correlation between our training efforts and an improved Guest Experience.

Hire for Attitude.

Providing a quality Guest Experience begins and ends with your employees. They are the ones who touch your guests' hearts and minds every day. A successful organization needs people who love what your organization does and enjoy engaging with people.  Skills are easy to teach but being friendly isn’t necessarily teachable. Therefore, we must hire good people who want to be there. Settling for second best should never happen.

Employee Engagement Is Essential.

Once hired, your team must remain happy and engaged. Teams who rate high in workplace engagement also correlate to high guest satisfaction ratings. Teams who are less engaged, do not. To provide the best Guest Experience possible, every team must be engaged in the work they do. They must want to come to work every day, believe in the work they do, and be engaged in doing it to the best of their ability.

To measure Team Engagement, we use a derivative of the Gallup Q12 Element questions. Then, we work with individual teams within each area to create action plans that address/eliminate barriers to success.