digital sales tool


A Powerful Digital Sales Tool That Connects Arriving Guests with Premium Experiences and Products.

eaSelYou’ve heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? When you introduce the eaSel S3 into your admissions operation, this tablet-based digital sales tool could be worth millions. eaSel uses a combination of images and text to help your ticket sellers to better describe products and experiences. As a result, more arriving guests will select Premium Experiences and Products which, in turn, dramatically impacts your bottom line.

The idea of using images and text to help ticket sellers to sell Premium Experiences and Products isn’t new. Theme parks and museums have been doing it for decades but they use paper or plastic, laminated sales sheets. These sales sheets are designed to list every product with its inclusions and prices—all in one place. It is a lot of information. Consequently, arriving guests become overwhelmed, get confused, and shut down and because of this, they default to the basic ticket.

eaSel S3 presents information differently. eaSel runs within a browser on a convenient tablet and receives its updates from the cloud. No more paper! Using eaSel, ticket sellers present Premium Products and Experiences one at a time which keeps guests focused. Instead of focusing on price, sellers get excited about the actual Guest Experience and share their own stories. eaSel S3 helps the seller to paint the best-possible picture of the Guest Experience. As a result, more arriving guests get excited, anticipate the experience, and say YES!

99% of our Guests who interacted with the eaSel tablet [made] a purchase and over 90% of them stating that the tablet directly affected their decision on the level of service that would best suit their need.

Ryan Guinn
Director of North American Operations