What if CRM & Ticketing System Data Were Actually Actionable?

Data Analytics should be automatic. You should be able to simply press a button and get what you need--that is information. Membership renewals. Sales trends. Attendance Forecasts. Unfortunately, the data never seems to do what you need it to do. CRM data hangs in the cloud while ticketing data sits on the server. Consequently, one system never talks to the other and the data never really shows you anything of value.

Introducing Over-Vue by New-Vue solutions, a dynamic data analytics platform with incredible power. The Over-Vue solution is fully-customizeable, becoming a one-stop digital representation of your entire front gate and membership operation. Consequently, leaders are free to run real-time visualizations that output truly meaningful results. Over-Vue harnesses the power of Microsoft Business Intelligence and works across multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

Drive Repeat Visitation.
  • Engage with post-visit guests.
  • Automate Annual Pass sales.
  • Book more special events, VIP Tours, and Summer Camp programs.
Track Promotional Performance.
  • Track marketing promotions with powerful dashboards.
  • Drill down into demographics for detailed insights.
Identify Productivity Trends.
  • Track product and category performance.
  • Understand Team and Individual productivity.
  • Monitor and adjust dynamic pricing and availability.