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  CLICK TO BUY How to Create a Wildly Successful eCommerce Platform Over the last two decades, the business of selling tickets has changed dramatically. Less than two decades ago, most ticket sales occurred either over the phone through call centers or face-to-face at the point-of-sale. Today, the world is online and in the leisure services industry, everything from aquariums to zoos is available for purchase. Whether future visitors access a facility’s website from a tablet, smartphone, or a traditional PC, eCommerce ticketing has the potential to perform BIG. So why is it that some online ticket stores produce only tepid sales? The answer is simple–successful eCommerce platforms are intuitive […]

Validate This!!!

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VALIDATE THIS!!! How to Maintain Front Gate Integrity and Protect Your Business All modern point-of-sale systems include some form of an Access Control module. Access Control helps to enforce the rules that we assign to ticketing products and packages so that when guests attempt to enter into our facility or participate in a controlled experience, we can make certain that the ticket they have in hand is correct and valid. But oftentimes, and especially in small to mid-sized attractions, leisure service operators fail to tap into the full potential of Access Control technology. It’s understandable. Setting up a proper Access Control Plan within the point-of-sale system can be a bit […]


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Happy New Year! This year, we’re making some changes to our weekly blog that are designed to help you, the reader, to come away with even more value from each issue. During the first three months of 2020, we will be focused on Point-of-Sale Trends and Best Practices. You will find that these articles are specifically designed to equip you with valuable information you can use to improve performance at your facility. As always, please email me directly at with any comments or suggestions on these or other issues. Best Wishes for a prosperous New Year! Melea Desrochers IT’S ON YOUR WRIST How Wearable Technology is Changing the Face […]

Small, Bite-Size Pieces

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Why it is best to not display all pricing options at once Our guests can get overwhelmed if they are presented with too much information, too quickly. Presenting all your pricing options for all products above General Admission at once can easily backfire. Faced with so many options, and unsure of what would be best, the guest becomes overwhelmed and shuts down – “Can I just do General Admission?” is the frequent response to this inundation of information. It is human nature to prefer that information be kept simple. This does not mean that you must keep your product lineup overly simplified. Complex product lineups can be very powerful. It […]

Hasta La Vista, Baby! Why you must terminate your Kiosks today.

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Hasta La Vista, Baby! Why you must terminate your Kiosks today. “No fate but what we make” – Kyle Reese, Terminator 2: Judgement Day Kiosks are the ruin of an effective front gate. They process only the most basic of transactions, they fail to maximize revenue, and as a result they leave a tremendous amount of money on the table. Even the best, most intuitively-designed kiosk can never hold a candle to the effectiveness of an engaged and well-trained Sales Associate. The reason for this goes to the heart – quite literally – of what it means to be human. As humans, we care, we love, we commit…in other words, […]

Down with Upselling! — Why it’s always better to start at the top!

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Down with Upselling Why it’s always better to start at the top Upselling is exhausting work. It’s like starting at the bottom of a huge mountain and tediously working your way to the top. Even though you know there is likely to be a great payout for your effort…the view from the top will be amazing…getting there can be an incredible ordeal. When I decided to propose to my wife, I took her to Yosemite (which I lovingly refer to as God’s slice of heaven on Earth). I planned to propose the her at the top of Half-Dome; but to get there we had to make an 8-mile hike with […]

re:Member-ing the Value — Four Keys to Building Value-Level Memberships

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re:Member-ing the Value Four Keys to Building Value-Level Memberships “Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.” — Helen Keller Membership is a billion-dollar business. In the United States alone millions of people sign up for or renew at least one form of membership each year. It might be for a local zoo, museum, or aquarium; perhaps it is an annual pass for a theme park; or maybe it is as simple as a membership to Costco…regardless of which specific option (or options) we choose, membership is truly valued by many of us. But in the public sector (non-profits) I have noticed a disproportionate emphasis placed on […]

Ask a Stupid Question

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Ask a Stupid Question How asking the wrong question leads to mediocre sales. “If I had asked them what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Yet at ticket counters all over the world…from zoos and aquariums to museums and theme parks and every type of attraction in between our Ticket Teams continue to say five little words that can actually hinder our sales. What are these words? They are “How may I help you?” At any ticket counter where there is complexity to the admission offerings – packages, upgrades, […]

Staffing Blues — Four Ways to Get Your People to Work

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“Our basic nature is to act, and not to be acted upon.”  -Stephen R. Covey I never liked being short-staffed. In college, when I worked in a café, a call-ins meant that I would be working double-duty. It meant stress for me, long lines for our customers, and waste of product. As a line level staff member, I had no way of improving the call-in problem, but I also knew that when I was in management, I would handle staffing problems in a more effective manner. Fast forward five years and I am a supervisor In the Attractions Department at the LuXor Hotel in Las Vegas. When I was put […]

Engaging the Little Ones – Tips for keeping the Attention of Younger Guests

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“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin Family matters…and when you are a parent with younger children it is essential to keep them engaged. When we first moved to Orlando, we decided to go to Tampa to watch the San Diego Padres play the Tampa Bay Rays. Our older children were both in school, but we took our 4-year-old daughter with us and she was bored to tears. As much as we tried to make the game fun for her, the environment was just not able to keep her engaged. The next day when she woke up the […]