GET UP AND GO! (MOBILE) | Why Mobile Point-of-Sale Technology is the Wave of the Future

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GET UP AND GO (MOBILE) Why Mobile Point-of-Sale Technology is the Wave of the Future Over the last two decades, “going mobile” has made the world just a little more free. From smartphones to tablets, we now use mobile technology in virtually every aspect of our lives. Without restrictive cords and cables, we can connect to the Internet wherever we like. And nowhere has mobile technology had a more dramatic impact than in the world of business. In the leisure service industry, the change has been no less profound. And many admissions and front gate ticketing operations have effectively leveraged the same technology as the means to provide a better […]

GROWING GREAT GROUPS | Best Practices for Building a Solid Group Sales Strategy

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GROWING GREAT GROUPS Best Practices for Building a Solid Group Sales Strategy “Group Sales” What do these two words mean to leisure service operators? What feelings do they evoke? Plenty of us picture hundreds of school-aged children descending upon our front gates for their end-of-year field trip…and we run for cover. We might also relive a feeling in the pit in our stomachs as we anticipate the negative metrics associated with group events (i.e. lower per capita spending). But a solid Group Sales strategy can produce fantastic results–when we set ourselves up for success. To be successful, we must: Understand Market Potential Leisure service operators must identify who they wish […]

THIRD PARTY RESELLERS – Best Practices for Leveraging Affiliate Resellers

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THIRD PARTY RESELLERS Best Practices for Leveraging Affiliate Resellers Wouldn’t it be great if we were always at capacity? There would be no need to advertise or run promotions… People would rave about the business and it would succeed based solely on the power of word of mouth advertising and the power of the brand…No sales and marketing efforts needed. Just sit back, relax, and collect admission. REALITY CHECK–unless you are Hamilton–the Musical, operating at maximum capacity with little to no effort simply does not happen. To draw business consistently, leisure service operators must use all the sales and marketing actions that are generally accepted to drive their business engine. […]

A PACKAGED DEAL! | Best Practices for Allocating Accurately at the Point-of-Sale

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A PACKAGED DEAL! Best Practices for Allocating Accurately at the Point-of-Sale Have you ever ordered a three-course meal at a nice restaurant? Perhaps it came with an appetizer, an entree with choice of sides (loaded baked potato for me!), and dessert…all included as one product and for one all-inclusive price. Packages, as in this example, make selling easier. When there is any sort of complexity within a product lineup, packages help to simplify…and a simplified message makes selling easier. Consumers buy more and profits soar. In the leisure service industry, packaging is commonplace and implemented in admissions and front gate settings around the world. Admissions operators love packaging…but many accountants […]

What’s Your Crash Plan? | How to Be Well-Prepared for a POS System Crash

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WHAT’S YOUR CRASH PLAN? How to Be Well-Prepare for a POS System Crash Sometimes systems crash. It is what it is. We can stack the deck by selecting a point-of-sale provider with a respectable uptime record–99.8% or better is preferable–but sooner or later, the law of averages takes over. Equipment fails, networks go down, thing just happen. And when they do, will the ticketing operation be prepared with a solid backup plan or will they be dead in the water? Having a manual backup plan in place is not rocket science but it does require advanced planning and preparation. There are three key components of a successful Crash Plan for […]

There’s An App For That

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THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT Best Practices for Building an Effective In-Park App Apps are everywhere. Some help us to save time and be more productive (e.g. shop for groceries, navigate to an important appointment, plan our day) while others help us to pass the time…. But whether an app enables you to be productive or to simply kill time, a well-designed app is defined by its ability to be intuitive, engaging, and to be an experience for the user. In the hospitality and leisure services industry, a well-designed app can move the needle, both by growing revenue and enhancing the guest experience. An effective app might engage guests pre-visit, […]

Click To Buy

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  CLICK TO BUY How to Create a Wildly Successful eCommerce Platform Over the last two decades, the business of selling tickets has changed dramatically. Less than two decades ago, most ticket sales occurred either over the phone through call centers or face-to-face at the point-of-sale. Today, the world is online and in the leisure services industry, everything from aquariums to zoos is available for purchase. Whether future visitors access a facility’s website from a tablet, smartphone, or a traditional PC, eCommerce ticketing has the potential to perform BIG. So why is it that some online ticket stores produce only tepid sales? The answer is simple–successful eCommerce platforms are intuitive […]

Validate This!!!

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VALIDATE THIS!!! How to Maintain Front Gate Integrity and Protect Your Business All modern point-of-sale systems include some form of an Access Control module. Access Control helps to enforce the rules that we assign to ticketing products and packages so that when guests attempt to enter into our facility or participate in a controlled experience, we can make certain that the ticket they have in hand is correct and valid. But oftentimes, and especially in small to mid-sized attractions, leisure service operators fail to tap into the full potential of Access Control technology. It’s understandable. Setting up a proper Access Control Plan within the point-of-sale system can be a bit […]


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Happy New Year! This year, we’re making some changes to our weekly blog that are designed to help you, the reader, to come away with even more value from each issue. During the first three months of 2020, we will be focused on Point-of-Sale Trends and Best Practices. You will find that these articles are specifically designed to equip you with valuable information you can use to improve performance at your facility. As always, please email me directly at with any comments or suggestions on these or other issues. Best Wishes for a prosperous New Year! Melea Desrochers IT’S ON YOUR WRIST How Wearable Technology is Changing the Face […]

Small, Bite-Size Pieces

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Why it is best to not display all pricing options at once Our guests can get overwhelmed if they are presented with too much information, too quickly. Presenting all your pricing options for all products above General Admission at once can easily backfire. Faced with so many options, and unsure of what would be best, the guest becomes overwhelmed and shuts down – “Can I just do General Admission?” is the frequent response to this inundation of information. It is human nature to prefer that information be kept simple. This does not mean that you must keep your product lineup overly simplified. Complex product lineups can be very powerful. It […]